JENNIFER BOOTH | RG11 | Conceptual Artist Practice |
Jennifer Booth | RG11 | Conceptual Artist, Researcher & Educationalist
My artistic practice has an anthropological, archaeological & allegorist practice that is both research and installation based, which responds to the labour of female body after & during a disease. Utilising installation & photographic media, including chemical & digital processes, organising exhibitions, public artworks, interventions and happening: engaged in conceptual methodology, engagement & education.

Also founder member of

ZOYANDER STREET | RG13 | Critical historical material semiotician of technology and art.

He founded Memory Insufficient as a monthly ezine to create community histories of games recentering marginalised perspectives. Now he is Editor-in-Chief of critical publishing at Silverstring Media, which is the new home for Memory Insufficient from April 2015. His writing looks at play, games and software within material and symbolic systems of every scale: from the tiny emotional loops of caring for a virtual pet, to the massive macro network of meaning making in late capitalism.

Alongside his work as Senior Curator of Critical Distance, he is studying for a PhD on a distance-learning basis in the Department of Sociology at the University of Lancaster. He organised Critical Proximity, the games criticism conference, and co-organised Queerness and Games Conference at UC Berkeley.


NELLY NAYLOR | RG10 | UK Creative photographer specialising in LGBTQ couples.

Weddings, Events, Commerical, lifestyle

telephone | 07455912295

Role Commerical Photographer
Date Joined Replicast Studio June 2017

Meloni Poole | RG | Filmmaker & Director |
Coming from a Fine Art background, Meloni began making poetic documentaries for Channel 4, the British Film Institute and the Arts Council of England with her films:

THIS CHARMING MAN, a portrait of her father, an ex-coalminer turned inventor
THIS CHARMING MAN was selected by BFI for their 100 British Films reflecting ‘Britishness.’

Moving into drama, her short films:

DISH, commissioned by Film4 and The Film Council was selected by the British Council and screened to acclaim at International Film Festivals and continues to be transmitted on Channel 4 and Film4
LAP, commissioned by Screen Yorkshire, was selected by the British Council and shown in competition at International Film Festivals around the world
Selected for Creative England’s emerging talent scheme, Meloni has recently completed filming TRiGGA, commissioned through Creative England’s and BFI Network I-Shorts scheme. It was selected to screen at BAFTA qualifying festivals, Aesthetica Short Film Festival and London Short Film Festival.

Her feature film SHY BIRD was one of twelve projects selected for Creative England, BFI and BBC Films I-Features scheme.
Meloni is a member of Film Fatales, a collective of female filmmakers who are working to promote equality and representation of women in front of and behind the camera.

JESSICA HEYWOOD | RG12 | My practice has four main strands – textiles and sound, drawing and writing. Each of these separate components can exist alone or in conjunction with one another. Most of the work considers ideas of labour intensity in a highly gendered context.
​Self-Employed Limitations – I use art to provide myself with the structure life doesn’t offer.
Prone to various forms of collapse. Big fan of dogs.

SASKIA PALMER | RG | Painter & Printmaker |
Portrait artist and printmaker Saskia Palmer’s work offers an insight into the unique quirks of British class and culture using humour, pathos and nostalgia. Vintage and iconic objects are mixed with decorative backgrounds, song lyrics and quotations. Influences include comic book, pop and street art, the Arts and Crafts movement, Kollwitz, Hogarth, Hergé and numerous classical artists.
“I love the way lino printing makes you adjust and adapt your design to suit the medium. I started to explore ways to push the boundaries and challenge the limitations imposed by experimenting with collage, jigsaw and reduction techniques to produce a more complex, 3d image and achieve a multi-coloured and layered look.”

Steve Oxley | RG | Photographer & MD

STACEY SIMPSON | RG | Actor and Writer Stacey Sampson works with the Creative Development team at Sheffield Theatres, and is a studio holder at Replicast Art Studios. One of her current projects is Inherited Cities, a show by Third Angel being performed this week at The Crucible and Tudor Square about identity, created with a cast of 13-19 year olds from across Sheffield.
Stacey also has a small role in PIN Cushion, a film that The Observer describes as “a cross between a crocheted bunny & a nail bomb."
“I was drawn to Pin Cushion, partly because of the subject matter and partly because of the director Deborah Haywood," says Stacey. "I had worked with Deb before on one of her shorts and loved the lux, colour soaked aesthetic of her modern fairy tales. She makes impactful films that have something pressing to say about modern society but that completely transcend the here and now in terms of their style and scope.” | RG |The Institute of Physics is a leading scientific membership society working to advance physics for the benefit of all.

We have a worldwide membership from enthusiastic amateurs to those at the top of their fields in academia, business, education and government.

Our purpose is to gather, inspire, guide, represent and celebrate all who share a passion for physics. And, in our role as a charity, we’re here to ensure that physics delivers on its exceptional potential to benefit society.

JENSON GRANT | RG | Filmmaker, Digital Artist and Media Educator interested in the creative use of technologies both new and old for storytelling.

Michael Lenz |RG | Visual Artist & Graphic Designer