TRACY HOLLAND | RF | Photography, film, assemblage and installation; she records her studio set-ups using a variety of photographic processes, and these, combined with elements of assemblage and collage go to make her video and installation pieces, which have been exhibited widely in both this country and abroad.

Working in both traditional and digital mediums, primarily focused on urban and rural landscape.

ANNE SMITHIES | RF | Anne Smithies | Uses traditional craft techniques to create vibrant, tactile works. She works at many different scales: from small, delicate pieces that depict the natural environment; to large-scale works created to commemorate rites of passage, incorporating clients' personal objects into one-of-a-kind heirlooms.
She has been exhibiting art since the mid-1990s, through textiles groups as well as the Great Sheffield Art Show and at galleries in Surrey, Wiltshire, Derbyshire and throughout Yorkshire. For four years, she co-ran the Chapel Gallery in Wensleydale, an arts and crafts space exhibiting work by artists working in many different media and hosting workshops.
multi-disciplinary, and she runs workshops on a range of craft methods including stamp carving, quilting, book making, and glasswork. She creates treasured family items on commission, such as full-scale memory quilts made from the clothes of passed loved ones, and mixed-media commemorative pieces, as well as original quilts for babies and other celebrations.

RICHARD BOLAM | RF | Digital Artist
Artist and dIgital media producer specialising in video production, time-lapse capture & high dynamic range (HDR) photography.

REBECCA LITCHFIELD | RF | Photographer and jewellery maker. Her practice includes abstract experimental photography alongside commercial images and product shots.
Pervading Litchfield’s work is a fascination with the truth of materials, and a desire to find authenticity in the encounter between camera and object. Through her abstract work, Litchfield gets close enough to everyday objects that they become unfamiliar and dreamlike. She works with light and lens in the moment to create these unreal-looking images within the camera, limiting any post-processing to simple colour grading – the world of her images is the real world, captured from an unusual perspective.
Litchfield’s interest in materials is also clearly visible in her jewellery making and commercial photography. Through both practices, she highlights the qualities of materials in contact with their environment, making visible the beautiful variations in hand-crafted and weathered objects.

NUALA PRICE |RF| Mixed Media
My work is influenced by my background in architecture and archaeology, by music, theatre, and film, and by my Welsh & Irish Catholic roots.

The artists I have spent the last year looking at are Phyllida Barlow, Cornelia Parker and Alina Szapocznikow.

My interest in Feminism and Feminist Art was at the heart of my academic research (Sheffield Hallam University, 2000), which flowed into my art practice, and today remains at my core.
Most recently I am investigating my more emotional reactions to ‘Family’ and ’The Self’, and plan to work alongside my 86-year-old Mother in my studio to develop her creativity … something that was suppressed for the majority of her life.

I use pen and ink, watercolour, oil, acrylic, plaster, wire, clay, and ‘found objects’ to produce 2D and 3D pieces. I use natural materials to make my own pigments and have also used non-digital, hand-printed photography.

KAREN SHERWOOD |RF | Painter, Curator & Gallery Owner.

Karen Sherwood is the founder and director of Cupola Gallery and paints whenever she can find the time and summon the energy!

Karen received a BA (Hons) in Fine art from Sheffield Hallam Univeristy in 1990 and lives and works in Sheffield. She has work in public collections in the UK and private collections internationally.

Karen has been listed in the Who’s Who of galleries and dealers since 2002.
"I love to paint and draw and invariably get very dirty in the process. I ceased painting for almost 12 years and am delighted to say I feel like I am finding my feet again. There will be much experimentation and many mistakes, but as one of Cupola’s artists recently said to me ‘it is not about the destination.’

I have a love of landscape and of colour.

NATTY ALLISTONE | RF | In the early 2000s, while studying for an MA in Fine Art, Natty Allistone got involved with the circus. Now a Project Manager with the Greentop Circus, one of only a dozen circus centres in the UK, Allistone’s socially-engaged practice is strongly embedded in artist communities of Sheffield.
Allistone supports artists as Director of Kelham Island Arts Collective Limited, and brings arts into a community context as a Managing Trustee of Walkley Community Centre@ 7a Fir Street. A direct engagement with the body is present in many of Allistone’s collaborations with other artists, including a performance in Sharon Kivland’s “Are you a doctor, sir?” and ongoing work with artists in all media as an experienced life model (Yorkshire Drawn).

MARK WRIGLEY |RF| Creative Technologist & Maker
Elektric-Tube (formally Alternative-Photonics) is a company established by Mark Wrigley eight years ago to democratise science, embrace technological change and provide easy access to technology through making and the arts. Throughout his career, Mark has been at the forefront of digital change, he was instrumental in delivering the first digital mobile phone to market and managed products which allowed mobile data and internet. He wants show that technological disruption is an ongoing process of innovation and something to be embraced.

JORDANNA Farrimond | RF| Collarge & Paint

Michelle Holland |RF| Bookmaker

Charlie Barnes | RF | Creative Director Dead Earnest
Dead Earnest is an Applied Theatre company and registered charity, based in Sheffield. It was set up in 1993 and has delivered touring shows, commissioned performances and creative projects in South Yorkshire and across the UK ever since.

We have a long and successful record of collaborating with organisations in the public, voluntary and community sectors and work from the ethos that theatre has the power to inspire, motivate and ultimately transform peoples' lives. We have a client centred approach where we adapt to people’s needs whilst coming up with creative and exciting work in a collaborative manner.

We regularly use Forum theatre in our practise and most often deliver shows and training with health and medical organisations, schools and universities and with other charities. The team at Dead Earnest always strive to work with enthusiasm, commitment and care, with the belief that theatre and the arts can and does make positive change.

We aim to do something different – something original and creative for our audiences and participants. Take a look around; discover what Dead Earnest can do for you.

Laura Lindsey | RF | Professional working actor, Writer, Director and all-round theatre-maker.